About Us

ES America LLC
is a full lifecycle provider of innovative process control and automation solutions for manufactur-­ ers and product distribution/order fulfillment companies. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, ES America is a subsidiary of ElettroSolution s.r.l., an Italian company that has been providing high quality, cost effective automation solutions for customers around the World since 1990.

ES America is a Systems Integrator and Manufacturer of custom-built, highly flexible factory automation machines. The company is focused on the cosmetics and personal care, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Our staff is comprised of highly trained engineers, soft-­ ware developers, electricians, and mechanics with an av-­ erage of 18 years of industry experience. For our employ-­ ees Customer-Centric is not a marketing buzzword.

Design PhilosophyThe cornerstone of our automation design philosophy is Do More with Less. Maximize the use of intelligent software and minimize the use of failure prone mechani-­ cal components in lower total cost of ownership.

Benefits of this approach include the following:

  • Lower hardware costs
  • Reduced number of mechanical points of failure
  • Increased reconfiguration flexibility to meet changing product requirements
  • Reduced production down-time