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Automazione - Quadristica - Software

The ES America Software Division comprises experienced professionals in the field of computers applied to industrial automation and process controls. ES America has designed and installed software for the most important national and international industrial companies, in a wide variety of sectors: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, metal.

ES America develops applicational software for:

  • supervision and management of systems and the production process
  • operator interfaces
  • process checks
  • production checks
  • quality control
  • system diagnostics to monitor in real time the actual state of operation of the plant
  • PLC programmes
  • HMI systems
  • design systems
  • process checks
  • dynamic dosage and batching
  • flow checks
  • alarm management
  • reporting
  • motion control

ES America designs and makes electric panels for industrial use. All our panels comply with regulations required by clients: CE (Europe), UL (America), CSA (Canada).
We are able to offer various types of panels:
  • Electromechanical panels
  • Electropneumatic panels
  • Complex PLC panels for the management of entire production lines and process checks
  • control sensors
The ES America panels are characterised by the rational arrangement of components allowing ease of maintenance over time.
ES America subjects all its panels to careful and accurate checks and internal testing before installation at the client’s premises.

ES America designs and makes systems in compliance with ATEX Directives (European directives for the regulation of apparatus destined for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion and fire)


ES America installs, at the client’s premises, on board machine wiring systems. The quality of the materials used and careful working allow the ES America on board machine systems to be resistant, reliable and safe.
For ES America, a safe use of its systems by the end user is of fundamental importance.
Safety is taken into account right from the design phase and is carefully tested at the end of the on board machine before the system is delivered.
Where possible the system is tested without product and thereafter start up is carried out with the product.

ES America guarantees:
  • implementation of the system in compliance with the required regulations
  • professional work management
  • professional assistance and support in the start up phase at the clients’ premises;
  • training of staff to allow autonomy in the management of the system and process
  • professional assistance and support in the case of modifications to existing systems;