Machines & Equipment

ES America’s parent company has 24+ years experience in the design, development, implementation, and support of a broad array of automation machines and
equipment. Our staff are especially proficient in HMI and process control software development, robotics, machine vision, and lasers.

Project Examples

  • Production systems for loading, mixing, dosing, extrusion, packaging, labeling
  • Batch installations for solvents and paint production
  • Servo-assisted pressing supply for cosmetic powders 
  • Full production line for food and beverages 
  • Circular, linear transfer machines, production centers
  • Motion handling control for extrusion systems, stretching and calibration in the foundry field 
  • River level monitoring & management
  • Hydrophylic cotton and by-product processing
  • Energy saving supermarket refrigeration and air conditioning management


We provide an array of full lifecycle automation services including: Problem Identification & Requirement Assessment; Engineering Design, Turnkey Systems Integration; Custom Machine Manufacturing; Installation;  and Maintenance Support.

Staff Expertise:
  • PLC, Motion Control, Robotics, Computer Vision, Lasers, HMI, Safety Engineering, and Industrial IT
  • Design, implementation, and support of full complex production lines
  • Extensive Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley product experience
  • Quality Management