From 1990

ElettroSolution was founded in 1990, and immediately became a System Integrator in the Industrial Automation sector, becoming over time an important point of reference for the management of production processes of companies.


In 2009 it created the Mechanical Design division that designs and builds machines and special lines for the automatic handling, packaging, mixing, dosing and compacting of industrial products.

Elettrosolution consists of a team of mechanical and electronic engineers and technicians with long experience in the field of industrial automation who work in synergy to create automatic systems and machines.


The know-how acquired allows us to deal with various issues of industrial automation in the fields of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, die-casting and extrusion.

Elettrosolution meets the expectations of its customers through a complete offer using innovative and custom solutions, always guaranteeing ethics and confidentiality.


Intervention Areas

Applied Robotics

Feasibility Studies

Electrical and mechanical design

Turnkey plant design and construction

Design and implementation of entire production departments

Atex Directive Installations

IT Infrastructure

Re-engineering of existing processes, departments and plants

Software development


Switchboards (CE-UL-CSA)

Single interlocutor

The uniqueness of ElettroSolution is that of being a single interlocutor that involves the customer in the construction of industrial plants, starting from the design phase, to start-up and maintenance.

The constant updating and the attention to the evolution of the market guarantee our realizations. Systems and solutions under the banner of quality and flexibility are shaped from time to time according to customer needs.



Elettrosolution Headquarters

ITALY – Elettrosolution s.r.l.
Operating Headquarters: Via Salvella, 19/21/23 – 25038 Rovato (BS)
Administrative Headquarters: Via Famiglia Serlini, 30 – 25035 Ospitaletto (BS)

4500 Green Point Drive
Suite 102 Greensboro, NC 27410-8102